Anabolic Steroids: Quinbolone

muscled guy posingQuinbolone is the oral form of boldenone. It was produced only in Italy in the 1970s, and used medically to improve the general health of elderly people and speed recovery from sickness. Quinbolone was found to be low in side effects among patients, effective, and convenient as it could be taken in pill form.

Both quinbolone and Equipoise are forms of boldenone. Equipoise (injectable boldenone) is boldenone with an undecylenate ester and quinbolone (oral boldenone) is boldenone with a cyclopentyl ether. Quinbolone is not methylated to resist breakdown by the liver, but instead the cyclopentyl ether acts to increase fat solubility and prevent breakdown of the molecule. Despite the added cyclopentyl ether, the bioavailability of Quinbolone is still quite low which is a major limiting factor of the effectiveness of this steroid.

Quinbolone has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 50/100 in comparison to testosterone. Androgenic side effects of quinbolone should be much less severe than those experienced with most steroids, especially considering its mild nature. Quinbolone has moderate estrogenic activity just as Equipoise does. Some users will experience some bloat, but estogenic side effects should be fairly mild. Quinbolone is not liver toxic to any significant degree.

Users of quinbolone can expect to see the type of results typical of Equipoise, although quinbolone is significantly less powerful due to its low bioavailability. Quinbolone should produce slight gains in size without too many side effects, and can be utilized during either a bulking or a cutting phase, though its mild effects may go unnoticed as a part of a bulking cycle. Quinbolone has a short half life, and must be dosed often as a result. A dosage of at least 80-120 mg/day is a typical dosage that is required to see gains in size with Quinbolone.

Quinbolone was eventually discontinued, and does not appear on the black market. This is likely due to the popularity of Equipoise (injectable boldenone), which is much more effective. While Quinbolone has been discontinued and Equipoise is only available on the black market, there are still many prohormones that are completely legal and will still deliver results. For 100% legal and effective prohormones, click here.


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