muscled guy bar curlingProstanazol is one of the newer prosteroids released after the 2004 legislation. This prosteroid is the C-17 demethylated derivative of stanozolol. Obviously, the lack of this methyl group reduces the oral bioavailability of this compound dramatically. The manufacturers have added an ether group at the C17 position but this improves oral bioavailability only slightly. Anecdotal reports indicate that doses of at least 200 mg are necessary to see any results from this compound. The lack of C17 alkylation also decreases the half-life of this molecule considerably. Since stanozolol has relatively low binding affinity that is only made up for by its long half-life, this prosteroid is not likely to produce similar results even if taken in divided doses throughout the day. If esterified, instead of the added ether, and injected, this molecule might produce similar gains to injectable winstrol. One possible use for this compound would be to take a good dose immediately before workouts only.

This would provide some AR activation but because of the short half-life, will likely not cause much, if any, suppression. This steroid is not capable of being converted to estrogenic metabolites through aromatization. To my knowledge, there have not been any reports of joint pain with this product as is commonly reported with stanozolol which is likely a result of its rather low activity. This prosteroid is still available on the gray market but the high doses needed and the low level of activity do not make it very attractive.

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