Womens Tone And Lean Stack


This stack is created just for you ladies! These products will help you to achieve that tone and defined look that you’ve been working for!

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The Womens Tone and Lean Stack is created just for you ladies! These products will help you to achieve that toned and defined look that you’ve been working for!

This stack includes:

1 – Mind and Muscle Wyked 3.0

1- Mind and Muscle T2

1- LG Science Rezolution V2

1- LG Science Lipotherm-Y

Wyked 3.0

This pre-workout is formulated for an amazing pump and incredible fat burning! This is a great addition to your workout routine to help you burn all that unwanted fat!

Rezolution V2

Rezolution V2 is the latest diet pill to hit the market. It is billed as the “happy diet pill” which  means that it will keep your mood up, even when dieting! Rezolution V2 is filled with both  ingredients which make you feel full and satisfied with your diet food and curb cravings and potent stimulants which will get you flying through your day and workouts!


T2 Fat Incinerator is ACTUAL THYROID HORMONE.  It is as strong as prescription medicine. For this reason do NOT use more than the recommended amount. This stacks PERFECTLY with prescription thyroid medication for those people who  have an inactive or under active thyroid gland.

Most doctors under dose thyroid medication, which causes women to gain fat and lose their confidence over time. As a medical doctor myself, I learned quickly the CORRECT way of treating patients with thyroid disorders, and I made this product to fill the gap and help women have the appropriate amount of thyroid hormone.  Normal Thyroid medicine is T4 and or T3. T2 is similar but only burns fat, it doesn’t interfere with the other Thyroid hormone’s functions even when a woman is on prescription meds.  It is better than the prescription meds for fat loss because T2 does not burn muscle and permanently damage your body like prescription meds do.

If you want to be leaner and more toned with a legal and safe supplement then T2 Fat Incinerator is the way to go.


This topical fat burner will help you melt your fat away, literally! Yohimbine will target hard to burn fat areas, like the thighs, wings,  and butt on women. It allows the normal fat burning hormones to target these “locked” locations, locations where fat can’t be burnt from easily.

In women Estrogen makes fat reside in the back of the arms, breasts and the hips and butt. If you want to keep your breasts and butt, with LipohHerm-Y topical fat burner you can target the arms and thighs but leave the butt and breasts full sized!

This is the first legally available spot reduction, but you have to actually be burning fat for this to work. Diet and training are still critical; this doesn’t burn fat by itself, but tells the body where to burn the fat from.

If you’re serious about toning up and losing all that unwanted fat,  the Woman’s Tone and Lean Stack is definitely for you ladies! Don’t wait, start your transformation now!



Upon rising or before a morning workout:

Take 1 tablet of Rezolution V2,   2 scoops Wyked 2.1, and 0.3 ml of T2.  Also rub Lipotherm -Y into your skin on your thighs and if needed your butt and or back of arms.

Do this once more in the early afternoon or before an afternoon workout.

Make sure to give yourself at least 6 hours between dosing and don’t use the Wyked 2.1 to close to your bed time.


Attention: These products are not anabolic steroids and all claims are theories based on our or the manufacturers research.  Nutrition products will only assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Muscle mass and weight gain are the result of hard exercise and proper diet. Supplements can only assist your efforts and are not a replacement for exercise and diet. 

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