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The 4orce Stack


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The 4orce Stack consists of 2 bottles of Liquid Labs Te (4-Andro) as well as Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Bulasterone as a natural testosterone booster and Hi-Tech Estrogenex Depot as an AI for PCT.  This combination of prohormones and PCT is perfect for anyone wanting a strong, effective bulking stack!

4-Andro is the active prohomone in Liquid Labs Te and converts to testosterone in the body via two enzymes.  Liquid Labs Te is made in a clean facility and gives your body the precursor hormone to testosterone to help you optimize your hormonal cascade. When combined with diet and exercise, prohormones like 4-Andro can help you optimize your hormone levels to be at their peak.

4-Andro (4-DHEA) can convert into both testosterone and estrogen making it a “wet” prohormone.

This stack also comes with the incredibly powerful natural testosterone booster Bulasterone and Estrogenex Depot for use as PCT.






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