Team Juggernaut Cutting Plan – PDF Download (Coming Soon)


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The Team Juggernaut Cutting Plan is designed to go hand in hand with the Team Juggernaut Cutting Stack from Mind and Muscle. You may also want to add in a fat burner like Liquid Labs T2 by Mind and Muscle to speed up your results. This program is designed to be a very effective sculpting program that is 8 weeks in duration. Of course you can do it longer if you like. This is an intense fat loss program and not for the faint of heart. If you are willing to put in the hard work and push yourself, this is a highly effective program designed by an top level prep coach and high level bodybuilder. It is designed to get maximal results in a short period of time. I highly suggest Liquid Labs Wyked 3.0 to help get you amped up to fight through these tough sessions.


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