Rise and Swell
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Rise And Swell By Liquid Labs

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Rise and swell is a combination of all the ingredients you need to take first thing upon waking. Now it’s even better; we’ve improved the recipe and now included 30 servings!

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Rise And Swell

AC/DC sang the song that all Rise and Swell users sing after using it ….. I’ve Got Big Balls!

Rise and Swell is the must have product for anyone using pro-hormones or anabolic steroids. There is no better post cycle therapy ever used in my 32 years that I have come across. This stuff blows your balls back up quick. Not only that, but it rights the HPTA. It’s freaky good how fast and well this works. Not to mention the pumps while using it are borderline painful. The list of ingredients below speaks to the quality of this product.

Ingredient List:

D Aspartic Acid (DAA): Our DAA is in the form of Calcium D-Aspartate. This is the form that was used in the studies that showed it improved testosterone levels. Too many companies use the D-Aspartic Acid which does not do the same thing as the Aspartate form. This is a great natural test booster which works directly and indirectly to boost natural test production. DAA  has also been shown to improve memory. No PCT or OCT product worth it’s weight wouldn’t have this superior form of DAA.

Agmatine Sulfate: This stuff rocks!  It changes the enzymes in your capillaries to make the pre-workout NO booster more effective, thus stacking this with Wyked 3.0 and you will have INSANE PUMPS!!

Yohimbine HCl:  This is incredible, it is the only way to spot reduce body fat and it is a sexual enhancer. It targets your hard to reach fat cells and since its taken when you wake and you HAVEN’T EATEN, you will burn fat.  It also binds to the penis and prostate to give larger and firmer erections with the help of the Agmatine Sulfate and the testosterone from the DAA.

Vitamin D: Transports Cholesterol into the Leydig cell so that testosterone can be produced.

L-Carnitine: Transports the fat liberated by the Yohimbine to the mitochondria so fat can be used for energy.

Rise and Swell will do the following:

  • Increase natural testosterone production
  • Increase sex drive
  • Increase sexual performance
  • Increase blood flow to the penis for firmer/larger erections
  • Increase Growth Hormone Production
  • Give you an all day pump
  • Amplify the NO production of Wyked 3.0, thus making your pumps better.
  • Increase transport of cholesterol to the leydig cells for faster testosterone release
  • Antioxidants to scavenge the free radicals from lifting

Grab Rise and Swell today, quite literally your future could depend on it if you ever plan on having kids! Use this after a cycle of pro-hormones or anabolics to reap the benefits. Nobody likes to crash and wait and wait for their system to restart. Buy your Rise and Swell today and watch your balls explode figuratively!

Additional Information

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Directions: Take 1 scoop in water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Take for 5 days then 2 days off.  M-F with saturday and sunday off is easy to remember.

If you’re serious about getting results then your taking T2 and Wyked 3.0, to take all three correctly:

AM: .3 ml T2 and 1 scoop Rise and Swell – eat no less than 30 minutes later

Pre workout: Ideally 2 scoops of Wyked 3.0 and 1 ml T2


These products are not anabolic steroids. All claims are based on our or the product manufacturer’s research. Nutrition products will only assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Muscle mass, weight gain and weight loss are the result of hard exercise and proper diet. Supplements can only assist your efforts and are not a replacement for exercise and diet. 

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