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Pump Matrix 60 Tablets


People LOVE the pump and while there is some debate on what actually causes the pump, many people still love Arginine products and NO precursors to help increase the pump volume and rate of protein synthesis.

PUMP MATRIX contains the most advanced mix of Arginine and Citrulline isomers to help you feel each workout and increase stamina in the gym.

Arginine – this amino acid has been shown to impact many biological processes alone and when combined with other supplements. Arginine base provides a free form of this nutrient to help you increase mTOR stimulation and other processes.

Arginine AKG – this amino acid intermediate combines a Krebs cycle nutrient with Arginine to help deliver these key nutrients to the muscles when needed. We use the higher quality 2:1 ration to give you maximum impact.

L-Citrulline – this amino acid has been shown to increase stamina and act as a precursor to NO.

L-Citrulline Malate – combined with malate, which is a krebs cycle intermediate, this provides both stamina and NO precursor properties.

Beta-Alanine – this helps the nerves fire and may act as a cofactor at this dose level.

PUMP (1)

Take 2 capsules prior to working out to increase pump and endurance.

All muscle growth or fat loss is dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Never start a diet and exercise program without consulting a medical professional.

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If you truly want to take your workout/physique/gains to the next level then you need to get serious and switch out your water jug for serious intra-workout nutrition.
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