Olympus Labs LJ100
Olympus Labs LJ100Olympus Labs LJ100 Supplement Facts

Olympus Labs LJ100


Tr1bulus Alatus has androgen increasing properties and is an ideal addition to the formula at a hefty dose of 2000mg per serving!

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Olympus Labs LJ100!

Boost Strength, Testosterone, and Your Libido!


Olympus Labs’ mission is to continually bring only the highest quality, clinically dosed products to the sports nutrition market. And LJ100 is no exception. When assessing the field of libido boosting and male virility enhancing ingredients, one source rose to the top ­ Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali (eurycoma longifolia jack) or Longjack, also known as Malaysian ginseng, is an herb that has been used extensively for its aphrodisiac qualities.


LJ100 features the patented and clinically backed Tongkat Ali Extract, an extract that has been used for many years in Malaysia to help increase testosterone, sexual desire, libido, sexual performance, and even to help treat erectile dysfunction!


Additional research has also demonstrated that one of the components of Tongkat Ali, known as Eurycomanone also has a potent anti-¬estrogenic effect. Feel revived with more testosterone and a boosted sex drive!


Key Benefits of LJ 100:

– Helps Boost Testosterone

– Helps Increase Strength

– Helps Increase Sports Performance

– Promotes Anabolic State

– Helps Reduce Catabolic State

– Helps Maintain High Free Testosterone Levels

– Promotes Increased Libido

– Helps Reduce Stress

– Promotes Increased Sense of Well-Being

– May Help to Decrease Estrogen


Tongkat Ali Extract is a patented extract developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and male fertility, Tongkat Ali supports increased sex drive through multiple pathways, including through the influence of free testosterone sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and aromatase activity. SHBG is a protein which inhibits the circulation of your free testosterone by binding it up and making it unavailable – Tongkat Ali has been suggested to impact SHBG based on clinical studies. Studies have also shown it to have anti-aromatase properties similar to Formestane, which leads to decreased estrogen and increased testosterone.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings per Container: 60

LJ100 Standardized Eurycoma Longifolia extract: 100mg
(40% Glyco Saponins, 28% Bioactive Eurypeptides, 30% Polysaccharides, 0.8% Eurycomanone)

Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin

Olympus Labs LJ100 Supplement Facts

As a dietary supplement, take two to three capsules daily while on cycle. Cycle LJ100 by taking it for five days, followed by two days off, before starting another cycle.


  • Products containing stimulants (Geranium Extract, 1,3-dimethylamylamine, caffeine, phenylethylamine, methylsynephrine, caffeine, theobromine, yohimbine, alpha-yohimbine, nm-beta-PEA, synephrine, theacrine or any other substance known to increase heart rate and restrict blood vessels) may increase heart rate, restrict blood flow, increase anxiety and elevate blood pressure.  Stimulants should not be used be people under 18 without consent from their parents and without medical supervision.   Certain stimulants are banned by athletic organizations, please check prior to use if your organization bans any of the contained stimulants.
  • This product, nor any other products available on this site are anabolic steroids. 
  • Nutrition products will only assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Muscle mass, weight gain and weight loss are the result of hard exercise and proper diet. Supplements can only assist your efforts and are not a replacement for exercise and diet. 
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