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Liquid Labs Wi


Liquid Labs Wi is the closest legal prohormone to Winstrol. Increase strength, preserve muscle, and save your joints with Liquid Labs Wi.

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Liquid Labs Wi is a strong hormone that can potentially keep you looking harder and drier. Wi can be used by bodybuilders to potentially maintain their mass while carving off fat with the possible benefit of increased strength. It’s this increased strength that is key to preserving your muscle, you have to lift the same weight for the same reps or better while cutting than you did in the offseason or you lose muscle. Wi is unique due to its potential to not cause anger or aggression on a cycle.

Liquid Labs Wi can potentially block cortisol from binding to muscle eating it away; it can possible stop cortisol from binding to the joints and reducing the inflammation caused by hard lifting! This makes it wonderful in theory.

And after your 4 or 8 week cut with Liquid Labs Wi you may benefit using Rise and Swell post cycle for 4 weeks.  This returns any loss of natural testosterone back to normal or above!

Snap down the insert prior to using. Shake well. Dispense 4ml under the tongue. Hold the contents under your tongue for 60 seconds, then swish the contents around your mouth mouth and swallow completely. Use 2 doses per day.

Example: 4ml upon waking and 4ml before bed. Wait at least 10 minutes between doses when stacking with other products.

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