LG Sciences Liquid Formadrol

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NEW Liquid Formadrol is the rebar to your concrete physique. If you are trying to build the perfect structure, you need the basic building blocks.

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LG Sciences Liquid Formadrol

LG Sciences’ NEW Liquid Formadrol: Potent & Extreme Effective Anti-Estrogen!

What Is Liquid Formadrol?

NEW Liquid Formadrol is the rebar to your concrete physique. If you are trying to build the perfect structure, you need the basic building blocks. Those building blocks consist of low estrogen and higher testosterone. The combination is so potent that estrogen blockers are banned by professional sports.

Liquid Formadrol contains ingredients shown in preliminary scientific studies to increase testosterone and reduce estrogen. When combined with a good diet and hard exercise, Liquid Formadrol will help you get amped up in the gym and increase testosterone levels.

Testosterone is the primary male hormone for building muscle and unfortunately in modern times it is constantly under attack from chemical estrogens like BPA and pesticides. These pesticides rob you of testosterone and boost your estrogen sky high!

This is why so many men look and feel better on testosterone. That’s why the rest of the world is banning these chemicals while in the US, greedy companies are lobbying for more of this stuff in our food and products! The US male is being targeted for hormone destruction!

Liquid Formadrol lowers the estrogen index in the body and we theorize it will boost testosterone when combined with hard exercise and proper diet. These are the things you NEED to get you looking your best.

Strongest NATURAL Aromatase Inhibitor

Liquid Formadrol contains the strongest natural aromatase inhibitor called “BENZO” which gives you immediate aromatase deactivation that you can actually feel from the first dose.

Why Liquids?

The mouth is more important to the digestive system than anyone ever realized. Based on the ingredient, there are some preliminary studies showing that the mouth can absorb up to 250X more of an ingredient than a pill! Of course this won’t work for things like creatine where you need 3-6g to be effective, but for prohormones and anti-estrogens, this can supercharge each dose! Slamming more active into your system than pills!


SHAKE WELL before each use. Take 1.6 mL under the tongue, hold for 60 seconds, and then swich the contents around in your mouth and swallow. Use 4 times per day, waiting at least 15 minutes in between doses.

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