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Muscles get damaged during training and begin to break down in a process known as catabolism. This can cause severe soreness and a loss of muscle mass when not properly treated. Finish Line™ combats catabolism with 6,000mg of BCAA’s to flip your “anabolic switch” via the mTOR pathway, enabling your body to increase both its rate and capacity for protein synthesis. Quickly and easily reverse the negative aspects of catabolism with Finish Line™ and your body’s enhanced anabolism!


Beta Alanine is THE biggest advancement in athletic enhancement since creatine. It has undergone years of intense clinical study and the truth is it WORKS. Beta Alanine can enhance athletic ability by increasing endurance, stamina, and time to exhaustion. Beta Alanine works by converting to Carnosine, which builds up over time. Carnosine enhances endurance by eliminating high levels of acids (such as Lactic Acid) from our muscles when we train. This means reducing the “burn” from high repetition sets or exhaustive endurance training, allowing you to train harder and longer! Finish Line™ includes the clinically proven dose of Beta Alanine in every serving, a whopping 3,200mg!


When it comes to getting bigger and stronger, nothing comes close to good old Creatine. Most products use outdated and inferior forms of Creatine, while simultaneously not dosing it high enough to actually work! Finish Line™ replaces the need for any other Creatine product by utilizing the two most effective forms of Creatine (Creatine HCL & Magnesium Creatine Chelate) at the clinically proven dosage of 3,000mg/day. One serving of Finish Line™ provides all the incredible benefits that Creatine has to offer: increased strength, power, explosiveness, and energy in the gym!


Most dietary supplement ingredients have a single benefit. Some really unique ingredients have two benefits. Then, there is Betaine. Clinical studies have shown that when dosed properly (2,500mg/day, as found in 1 serving of Finish Line™), Betaine can increase strength & power, simultaneously burn fat while building muscle, support heart health, increase running capacity, and increase muscular endurance!

A recent study at the University of Connecticut showed athletes taking the recommended dosage increased muscle strength by 25% and muscle power by 20%. Imagine what these increases could mean for your next training session! Another study at Coastal Carolina University, bodybuilders who consumed the same amount of Betaine showed that they were able to lose body fat while increasing their lean muscle mass at the same time!

Finish Line™ can propel your training to the next level, including EVERYTHING an athlete needs to excel, key ingredients at clinically proven doses. Don’t settle for products which hide these crucial ingredients in proprietary blends and let IFN help you reach the Finish Line™ faster!

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1 review for IForce Nutrition Finish Line™

    5 out of 5

    First I would like to add a serving is 24 grams 25 servings per container the ratio branched chain amino acids is 4 1 1 . I like the addition of L-Carnitine and magnesium creatine chelate . I did two scoops a day of this one in the morning one at night. I found that by day 5 this product was really helping repair my muscles and enhancing my performance , I'm not sure what the glycogen retention is like with this product. I have used some BCAA products that left me with indigestion and the serious sick feeling. But this one was great no complaints whatsoever in fact purchasing two to three times when it goes on sale would be a great investment for somebody who is looking to compete By Spring like myself. I really hope you guys get in on this product this is one of those things that we all hope comes along every once in awhile. This is a very high-quality products with great results for the price you guys can't go wrong with this especially if you lift heavy. You won't see much of a difference if you just lift to maintain tone but once you start going heavy you will see it entirely different result.
    As a test I did two workouts in one day biceps and triceps back to back both times consuming a scoop of Finish Line post workout. The true test was the next day awaiting the delayed onset muscle soreness as I woke up and sat up in bed tightening my muscles expecting to feel that God awful pain that comes from working out too hard there was no delayed onset muscle soreness Finish Line had come through big-time it smacks the piss out of delayed onset muscle soreness this is next to the best products I've ever tried in the BCAA lineup.

    Very happy consumer will definitely purchase a few of these....

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Attention: These products are not anabolic steroids and all claims are theories based on our or the manufacturers research.  Nutrition products will only assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Muscle mass and weight gain are the result of hard exercise and proper diet. Supplements can only assist your efforts and are not a replacement for exercise and diet. 

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