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Hi-Tech Satietrim Saffron Extract


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Hi-Tech Satietrim

Satietrim™ 90 Capsules Saffron Extract Supplement with 88.5mg

● Control Emotional Eating
● 3X Potency of Competition
● Weight loss
● More energy
● Better mood

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Satietrim™

Previously available only in Europe, this standardized saffron extract provides support for healthy body weight by targeting some of the emotional factors that make you eat more when you’re trying to eat less. Are you a snacker? Is it called “grazing”, but you know the truth. The same monster that causes you to endlessly attack a bag of chips has you raiding the fridge after midnight. You know the Lay’s Chips commercial, You can’t eat just one!

You always hear people say “I workout so I can eat what I want!” Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. If you don’t control your eating habits, they will control you! No amount of working out can make up for a poor diet. Satietrim™ saffron extract will help crush those cravings and allow you to make better choices of what you eat. Satietrim contains safranal which acts much like a balancer of neurotransmitter activity and a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Unlike Prozac or prescription drugs, Satietrim accomplishes the same thing naturally. Everybody gets depressed now and then, how you deal with it makes all the difference. Without Satietrim, depression is often cured by a bout of “binge” eating. What really happens is serotonin levels are low, you eat, you temporarily elevate serotonin. You usually get fatter as a result, which brings on more depression. This is then followed by more binge eating. it is a vicious cycle. It’s like an evil merry-go-round which continues out of control. How do you get off this merry-go-round? Satietrim. Stop those cravings immediately and order Satietrim today.

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Attention: These products are not anabolic steroids and all claims are theories based on our or the manufacturers research.  Nutrition products will only assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Muscle mass and weight gain are the result of hard exercise and proper diet. Supplements can only assist your efforts and are not a replacement for exercise and diet. 

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