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Hi-Tech Pain-Rx

Pain-Rx Revolutionary COX-2 Inhibitor “Quick-Acting”

One of the biggest issues we face in everyday life are aches and pains. People who lead an active lifestyle are all too familiar with chronic aches and pains. Our society as whole is very sedentary as technology has made us sit down more than a human body is meant to. Pain-Rx is a unique formulation of ancient Mayan Medicines, many of which are being introduced to the market by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Everybody knows what Motrin or Ibuprofen is. It is one of the most commonly used pain managers on the market today. The problem is these NSAIDS cause a host of issues from many very minor to some very serious. The problem is Motrin is a COX 2 inhibitor.

The major issue with these is that most COX 2 inhibitors also inhibit COX 1 pathways. COX 1 is responsible for production of prostaglandins that are necessary for blood clotting and GI functions such a mucosal production, production of stomach acid, and kidney water excretions. Pain-Rx is a selective COX 2 inhibitor. It doesn’t interfere with COX 1 at all. Throw away that bottle of Ibuprofen and get Pain-Rx today. Get rid of pain safely and effectively.

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