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Hi Tech NitroPro


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Hi-Tech NitroPro

Hi-Tech NitroPro protein has no true equal on the market. It is a unique blend of 85% hydrolyzed whey protein, and 15% egg, micellar casein, whey isolate, and whey concentrate. The focus of Hi-Tech is on making the net nitrogen utilization as high as possible. What does this mean? They want your body to be able to maximally use the protein to cause anabolism. Each 60 gram serving contains 45,000 peptide bound amino acids (PBAA). These are uptaken much faster than free form amino acids. They also contain 20 grams of branched chain amino acids (BCAA). This is one of the highest amounts in the industry. The truly unique ingredient in NitroPro is Rhaponticum carthamoides. In Russian and European studies, this has been shown to increase protein synthesis over 190% in world class athletes. This makes this one of the best proteins available on the market today. If you are looking for a serious protein supplement to fit your needs, Hi-Tech NitroPro is a no-brainer. Order yours today from Mind and Muscle and start making the progress you have been dreaming about.

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Attention: These products are not anabolic steroids and all claims are theories based on our or the manufacturers research.  Nutrition products will only assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Muscle mass and weight gain are the result of hard exercise and proper diet. Supplements can only assist your efforts and are not a replacement for exercise and diet. 

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