EvoMuse Krillipid

EvoMuse Krillipid

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EvoMuse Krillipid Balance contains an ideal blend of ESSENTIAL fatty acids in their vital, easy to absorb phospholipid form. Vastly superior to standard Fish Oil/omega-3 supplements, Krillipid Balance has been demonstrated to have a potent influence on maintaining a heath lipid profile, resulting in an ideal LDL/HDL balance. The phospholipid complex restores the membranes of the body’s metabolically active cells, allowing them to function properly, in spite of hormonal and environmental detriment.

Krillipid Balance can help support health liver, heart, mitochondrial, and brain function, balance mood and hormone response, mediate menstrual side effects, and restore cellular signaling.

Krillipid Balance contains 500mg per softgel of purified Krill Oil, a highly absorbable Omega-3 complex containing EPA, DHA, and a super potent anti-oxidant, Astaxanthin. Krill oil has been studied for cholesterol balance, mitochondrial function, and hormonal receptor functionality due to its effects and incororation into the cellular membrane.

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