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EvoMuse Brite works as a fat burner which works via a unique pathway and which can deliver rapid fat loss even for those who normally struggle when dieting. Here is a fat burner which can deliver in a big way and we would commend it to anyone wanting to get to the lowest levels of bodyfat!

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A Revolutionary Fat Burner actually designed to target Fat Cells

  • Simple and pleasant to use
  • Quick and long-lasting results
  • Noticeable effects felt as a constant rise in body temperature that’s subtle but highly effective


EvoMuse presents another innovative product for physique enhancement. For the longest time we have been focused on “burning white fat via controlled dieting, cardiovascular exercise and supplementation. Recently, the existence of BRITE cells had been discovered and studied. BRITE cells exhibit marked thermogenesis, thus burning themselves up by generating heat without the need for exercise. The conversion of white fat cells BRITE cells bring to reality a long-term physique changing formula created to bring leanness into your world.


With a unique formula that is the end result of years of research, EvoMuse Brite works and very noticeably with big body temperature increases a clear sign that Brite is working to enhance your metabolic rate and maximise fat loss. EvoMuse Brite interacts with the white adipose cells in your body, essentially “converting” them to the useful and functional brite cells.


EvoMuse Brite was formulated by looking at why it is that some people seem able to maintain a lean condition year round even when their diet and exercise is not always great while others who follow a diet and training plan to the letter never seem able to get past a sticking point no matter how much cardio they perform or how low they drop their calories.


The research behind EvoMuse Brite’s design looked at how the different forms of fat cells in our body can best be mobilised. Many fat burners, historically ALL fat burners, targeted white fat cells leaving brown fat untouched. White fat is considered bad as they cause fat storage while brown fat is much more metabolically active and helps elevate metabolism and induce fat loss.


EvoMuse Brite targets a much less well understood type of fat cell – white fat cells that are transformed to perform like brown fat. Brite (a contraction of brown and white) works by converting the body’s white fat cells into the more useful brown fat. When this happens your body’s metabolism really starts to hum and makes fat loss easier to achieve.


EvoMuse Brite works as a fat burner which works via a unique pathway and which can deliver rapid fat loss even for those who normally struggle when dieting. You will notice a big increase in body temperature once you start taking Brite and it really starts to shine the longer you take it. Here is a fat burner which can deliver in a big way and we would commend it to anyone wanting to get to the lowest levels of bodyfat.


EvoMuse Brite Benefits

  • Converts white fat cells to brown leading to much improved fat loss
  • Dramatic increase in body temperature shows the thermogenic potential of Brite
  • Lowers appetite
  • Enhances metabolic rate
  • Transforms your potential to burn fat
  • Helps optimise your phenotype to that of a fat burning machine

What’s Inside?

The Bitter melon seed oil, source of the Conjugated Linolenic Acids and the main fatty acid a-Eleostearic Acid, has been increased to account for the difference in concentration from the original formula. The new formula is extremely effective, with notable rise in body temperature and rapid increase in the rate of fat burning, as well as the long term effects of phenotype leaning.


EvoMuse Brite Supplement Facts

Dosing is 2ml (2 squirts) 3 times per day.



  • Products containing stimulants (Geranium Extract, 1,3-dimethylamylamine, caffeine, phenylethylamine, methylsynephrine, caffeine, theobromine, yohimbine, alpha-yohimbine, nm-beta-PEA, synephrine, theacrine or any other substance known to increase heart rate and restrict blood vessels) may increase heart rate, restrict blood flow, increase anxiety and elevate blood pressure.  Stimulants should not be used be people under 18 without consent from their parents and without medical supervision.   Certain stimulants are banned by athletic organizations, please check prior to use if your organization bans any of the contained stimulants.
  • This product, nor any other products available on this site are anabolic steroids. 
  • Nutrition products will only assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Muscle mass, weight gain and weight loss are the result of hard exercise and proper diet. Supplements can only assist your efforts and are not a replacement for exercise and diet. 
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