Muscle Growth - Mind And Muscle

This Thursday morning, I weighed the most I’ve weighed my whole entire life. I wanted to cry… It’s tough to me mentally to be okay with the scale going up.

In order for me to step on stage with a whole new physique, I need to put on muscle. You can’t put on muscle without putting on the needed weight. A lot of people approach me and tell me that they want to lose weight and gain muscle, at the same time.

Let me get something straight; If you want to put on muscle, your body needs the proper nutrients to do so. To build muscle you need to be in a nitrogen surplus. Proteins contain nitrogen, and, in order to build more structure – more muscle, the protein intake needs to be greater than the output.

Besides the protein, you want to make sure that carbohydrate and fat intake are at a higher level in order to stay in a caloric surplus, to add tissue, muscle tissue. This doesn’t mean you should go and smash donuts, no, you can stay somewhat lean and build muscle, sticking to a clean diet will do so. If you want to seriously gain muscle, in a natural and healthy way, there is no way around putting on some weight.

Stick to a clean diet, relax your mind and understand the process of bulking.

This being said, it’s my goal to learn to love myself even if I am not at my leanest. I am learning to love the process, learning to love every stage of bodybuilding. When bulking, focus on strength and high energy levels, invest this energy into hard workouts and reaching PR’s. When cutting, learn to utilize the time being spent for cardio to listen to podcasts or motivational speeches.

Learn to love yourself, whether you’re a lean bean or a little beast. I am learning, every day.



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