Methyl-1-Test AKA  Methyl – 1-testosterone AKA M-1-T is nothing more than a 17 methylated -1- testosterone.  It is 17 methylated to survive the first pass liver metabolism and as such is consumed orally.  It functions like a super potent version of 1-Testosterone. It is not a prohormone and is not legal.  There is a legal prohormone for 1-testosterone; 1-Androstenolone Aka 1-AD aka 1-Andro.  This converts to 1-testosterone and is not liver toxic the way methylated steroids are.  

1-Testosterone is the holy grail of anabolic pharmacology. It is already 5 alpha reduced so it can’t convert to DHT or to estrogen.  This means all those nasty side effects like hair loss, bloating, gyno and everything else you get from DHT and estrogen won’t happen.  Additionally since there is no conversion to DHT and estrogen there is minimal shutdown of natural testosterone. It is really as close to perfect as an anabolic agent can get, and more like a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) than a hormone.

The anabolic value of M1T is as much as 8 times that of regular testosterone injections, with less androgenic value!

The anabolic value of M1T is as much as 8 times that of regular testosterone injections, with less androgenic value!

Methyl-1 -Test is clearly a super potent agent of muscle growth, but it is a toxic and illegal steroid. To get the benefits of 1-Test without damaging your liver or breaking the law just use 1-Andro, which converts to 1-Test.

For more information on 1-Andro checkout my article about it by clicking here!


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