Guy Putting lif(M1T) Methyl 1-Test Review: M1T is possibly the hardest muscle gaining supplement introduced on the market. It’s recognized as being able to pack on 20lbs within in little as two weeks of training.  M1T’s molecular structure seemed to give it the incredibly qualities it contained making it so potent.

Originally marketed by LegalGear, it was later copied by other companies such as Gaspari Nutrition and VPX. M1T is the 17aMethyl version of 1-Testosterone.

M1T is especially known for its unique ability to take off body fat while also adding serious mass. For bulk builders, you can’t beat this deal. It’s commonly used before competition or other times you want to swell up fast, such as spring break.




M1T cannot convert into estrogen or DHT, therefore your gains are both clean and dry. All that hard work put into the gym stays with you, leaving you looking ripped without that soft, puffy bloated look. M1T is similar to D-Bol in form, but doesn’t have any of the estrogenic effects at all, making it an excellent choice to stack with testosterone or most popularly 4-AD.

How to use it properly?

Similarly to Superdrol, water and carb consumption should be highly increased to maximize the intracellular and glycogen increase that comes along with it to perform and look your best. Having a high carb and high fat diet will help boost your energy greatly while on cycle. It’s often that athletes will supplements potassium, hawthorne berry and tuarine while on cycle.

A common cycle will look like this:

M1T- 5mg /day week 1

M1T-10mg/day week 2-4

4AD- 300mg/3 times a day oral

PCT: Nolva – 40mg/day week 1-2 | 20mg/day week 3-4


Formadrol: 2-4caps/2 times per day

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