M-Sten, Methylstenbolone, MSten RX


Assault Labs, Iron Mag Labs, and a host of other underground supplement companies are selling a hormone called methylstenbolone.  Most companies market this as “MSten, MSten RX, Super M-Sten,” you get the point.  I always find it a bit concerning when ten companies have the same name for a product, MSten for example, and none of them go after one another or file copyrights.  I’m guessing that this is because most of these companies disappear just as quick as they come up.   M-Sten usually is dosed in between 4-10mgs per capsule.

has made quite an impact on the underground community, which is why I wanted to address it.  I will shed some light on what a user can expect while using something like this including muscle gains, strength, side effects, PCT, and other comparable steroids.

M-Sten is a DHT

derivative such as the steroids primobolan and masteron.  Because of its relationship with DHT, it will be a lean and relatively dry strength builder.  I say strength and not muscle because this compound will sway more on the strength gain side vs. the weight gain side.  It is still possible to put on a few good pounds of muscle with this stuff.   The underground community has embraced it as the new Holy Grail since the popular Superdrol was banned.   In my opinion, there are better, safer options out there, but to each there own.





MSten’s side effects

will be dose dependent as with many other hormones.  It will not aromatize, so estrogen sides will be low to non-existent.  The usual DHT side effects will be present including prostate problems, having trouble urinating, hair loss, aggression, and acne.  The most concerning of all is the 17a Dimethyl attachment to the hormone which is meant to increase the bioavailability of the hormone.  As with other methylated steroids such as anadrol, winstrol, and superdrol, Msten is very liver toxic and will increase internal inflammation.  This stuff can be dangerous and even deadly depending on dosing and your current liver health.  Expect an elevated liver panel across the board and low HDL (good cholesterol) numbers.  As always, blood work is a must if you are going to risk running a harsh compound such as methylstenbolone.

Most people are dosing this stuff at 8mgs per day and some go getters are taking upwards of 30mgs per day.  Until next time my friends…..


M-Sten, Methylstenbolone, MSten RX

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