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Basic Mass Stack

Mark Victor: The Basic Mass Stack Review

Here is my long awaited review!

His Own Words on Liquid Labs Basic Mass Stack

Solid results with the Liquid Labs Basic Mass Stack. I started a cycle of Te, Pr and Eq on October 27, 15. I ran this cycle with 3 specific goals: add strength, add size and most importantly for me was to speed up my shoulder rehab. I had shoulder surgery for a partially torn rotator cuff, partially torn labrum, bursitis and bone spur on August 18, 15. So, I started this cycle only 10 weeks out from surgery and ran it for 4 weeks. In those 4 weeks I gained 8 pounds, added 1/2 inch to my upper arm and thighs. I added 3/4 inch to my chest and shoulders. I accomplished this without increasing the measurement at my navel. My strength increases will reflect how this stack helped my shoulder recovery because most of the difficulty with my lifts came from the pain in my shoulder. I weighed 166 pounds when I started and 174 pounds after 4 weeks. I’m 42 years old and 6 foot tall. Here is what I added over four weeks time: bench press 175 pounds for 8 reps on smith machine with pin at 6 because of the limited range of motion and pain. I benched 225 for 1 rep with a full range of motion on a regular flat bench. Squats: 165 pounds for 10 to start and 200 pounds for 10 reps after 4 weeks. Deadlift: 275 pounds for 3 reps and 345 pounds for 1 rep after 4 weeks. I think the numbers speak very loudly and they say this Liquid Labs Basic Mass Stack is legit. My shoulder is feeling real good and my strength continues to climb 2 weeks into pct. I highly recommend this stack, especially if your goals are similar to mine.
Mark Victor

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