Mind and Muscle only sells the best natural andro prohormones on the market. Natural andro prohormones have the advantage over chemically altered steroids because they are already in your body. To compare this to illegal steroids for example, Testosterone is natural while Methyl-Testosterone is not. Testosterone does not cause harsh side effects like liver damage and severe cardiovascular damage where methyl-testosterone will cause harsh liver damage.

Of course you need to have a good diet and exercise program in place for any prohormone to have any effect. Also, not every prohormone works for every person. It is possible that you need to find the right prohormone your body responds best to and use that one by itself or in a stack.


Dry – can not convert to estrogen
Wet – can convert to estrogen (sometimes this is a good thing)
Stack – combining 2 or more prohormones in a cycle
PCT – using a product after your cycle to increase your natural testosterone production (which can be lowered on a prohormone)
Cycle Support – using a mixed product for hair loss, liver protection and cardiovascular protection along with your cycle.
Stacks And Cycles – Premade Stacks designed by our staff or the vendors that usually contain everything you need (except hard work and proper eating).

1-Androsterone – similar to the old 1-AD, this prohormone is closest to “primobolan” as far as illegal steroids go. It is a dry compound that will help strength and size without a lot of sides like hair loss or aggression.

Epiandrosterone – very androgenic prohormone for helping cut and also to increase strength and aggression. May have hair thinning effects in those that are prone to this.

4-Androsterone – similar to the original “andro” this is a wet compound that converts to testosterone. It helps with mass gains and is good to stack.

5a-OHP – good lean mass prohormone that has often been compared to “winstrol” in effects. This product does not seem to cause aggression or any issues with hair loss.

1,4-OHP – prohormone to boldenone that is very mild in side effects and produces nice, lean gains in size and strength.

DHEA – 5-DHEA is an adrenal hormone that is the precursor to estrogen and testosterone. When coupled with an Aromatase inhibitor inhibitor it gives you a significant bump in test levels. Great for putting on serious mass.







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