Ketogenic Diet - Mind And Muscle

What is “keto”?

Ketosis is a state our body enters when we don’t eat carbohydrates or eat very few carbohydrates. It’s a way for our body to use fats (from our diet but also stored fat) as the primary energy source. In order to achieve such state you need to be limiting carbs to a point where we can’t derive enough energy from them to live. Against a common belief, keto is actually healthy and helps induce brain activity – when done right.


After being on a no or low carb diet (up to 20g of carbs, mostly from vegetables), our liver produces molecules called ketones. These ketones are able to break up fats and derive energy from them.


Why do keto?

  1. Following keto will first of all make you lose water weight. Ketosis has a diuretic effect and can therefore cause you to lose many pounds the first few days. This is good, it shows that your body is slowly transitioning into burning fat for energy.
  2. Since your body becomes a fat burning machine, you start burning stored fat to derive energy, especially when already in a caloric deficit.


What do I need to take care of while being on keto?

  • Drink enough
  • Supplement with multivitamin
  • Supplement with Vitamin B and D
  • Supplement with Potassium


If not losing weight, while already being on keto for a while:

  • Cut out diary
  • Up fat intake
  • Decrease carb intake
  • Stop eating nuts and gluten
  • Cut out artificial sweeteners
  • Look for hidden carbs (veggies)
  • No more processed foods
  • Don’t worry too much about weight but rather body measurements


Sample diet for being on a ketogenic diet:

  1. Breakfast – Egg whites, spinach, olive oil
  2. AM snack – Ground turkey, brusselsprouts, coconut oil
  3. Lunch – Almonds, protein shake
  4. PM snack – Ground turkey, asparagus, coconut oil
  5. Dinner – celery, PB, protein shake


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