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Kelsey Proper Blog 8/15/14

Hey heyyyyyy!

So yesterday, Todd and I trained delts. My favorite! (NOT). It went pretty well, but I have been definitely feeling flat this week. I was able to maintain a pretty good pump which I attribute to the extra scoop of Wyked that I had to take while waiting for Todd to get to my house!

I’ve been so busy lately that is hard to keep on top of this in a timely fashion, so I don’t quite remember the weights that I used. So even though I had been slacking a little bit, I’ve managed not to go down in weight, but I my strength should be increasing more. It’s really time to get my ass in gear.

Here’s the work out, it was a pretty light day:

Triset – Laterals, Rear Delts, Front raises 3 x 10 Superset

3 x 10 Shoulder press

3 x 12 Upright Rows

7 x 12 rear delts reverse pec deck

Tomorrow is ass day, my favorite day :]




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