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We can help seasoned veterans improve their physiques at all levels of Competition.

Jeff Velasquez is a former North American Bodybuilding light weight class winner, this alone is an amazing accomplishment but add the fact that he was 47 years old at the time makes it even more extraordinary. Many may think their wasn’t much more we could do to improve his physique given his age but, most would be wrong. We help facilitate muscular gains and improved conditioning in just over a year.

Jeff decided to try his hand at Classic Bodybuilding at age 51 and I was astonished by the results that we managed to grind out of him. We at Team Juggernaut are pleased and fortunate to have him as a Team Juggernaut “Coach”, he is available for on-line coaching and on site training.

Contact information:

Office – (586) 221-1622

Email – [email protected]




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