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james-1Life has a way of catching up with the most dedicated of us at times.

James Newman is a personal trainer and gym manager at Anytime fitness that happened to fall off the fitness wagon. The stress of relocating to Wisconsin, new daughter and going back to school took its toll.


“You can’t change without challenge!!! When you “want” something you’ve got to WORK for it. You can’t THINK that you want to be “fit” you have got to Take action!” – JN


James joined Team Juggernaut to get back into shape and compete again after a 4 year absence from the stage. By going over his current activates we isolated the issues that caused him to get so far out of shape and proceed to correct them. We got his diet and bad eating habits under control and slowly got him back into a workout regiment. Once we began to better understand how his body responded to our protocol it became easier to facilitate changes in his physique.

We placed James on a Carb back-load diet and slowly progressed him up to a high frequency/high volume/multi-angle/moderate weight workout protocol. These changes coupled with proper supplementation and moderate amounts of cardio gave us amazing results.

Once James was at a level of conditioning we could consider 12 weeks from stage ready, we converted him to a full on Contest Prep Protocol. We tightened his diet, created intense workouts which kept his cardio to a minimum and ramped up his supplement usage (He decide on using or product line).


James went on to capture his Class and Overall in Classic Bodybuilding at 2016 NPC Badger State Championships. He presented a well balanced, muscular physique with solid conditioning and also place 2nd in Open Bodybuilding middle weight class. We are extremely happy and proud to have James represent Team Juggernaut.

Don’t wait any longer to achieve your fitness Goals, take back control and drive toward your Dreams!



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