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Rise and Swell

The most asked question I receive is “HOW DO I TAKE THIS?”  There are numerous ways!

  • On Cycle Support & Recovery (OCT)
  • Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)
  • Test-Booster
  • Preworkout

On Cycle Support & Recovery (OCT)

Some men experience testicular atrophy and while on cycle.  This is also called “shut-down.”  You can take Rise and Swell throughout the cycle to mitigate any shut-down.  If you do start to experience shutdown, take a scoop in the morning.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Using this production after cycle, in combination of an anti-estrogen will jumpstart those nuts.

Natural Test-Booster

Steroids, juice, prohormones, they’re clearly not for everyone.  Rise and Swell is the perfect way to have your own body jump-start it’s own natural testosterone and consistently performing at your peak.  Perfect for high-school and college athletes to all natural bodybuilders.


The Yohimbine is a great way to get your blood flowing.  It can help get your dick hard as well as fuel you through a tough workout.  The Agmatine Sulfate will definitely get you that pump.  Caffeine-free too!

Here’s a visual aid for those who still just don’t get the picture…

Just remember that everyone is different and everyone will react differently to the product.  Like all supplements, this won’t replace you working your ass off or fix a medical condition.

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