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Fat Loss Aids: Guggulsterones

These potential fat burners have the ability to potentially ramp up T3 production.  Unfortunately there is only limited information on this as an effect.  Guggul has other important benefits like lowering cholesterol, making it pretty good for people who have cholesterol issues.  Unfortunately, Guggulsterones have been shown to lower the effect of testosterone by acting as an androgen antagonist (blocking testosterone at the receptor).  This makes them unpopular for most bodybuilders.  Even the T3 boosting benefits of Guggulsterones probably wear off in two to three weeks as you body changes its production to buffer the increased effect.  It’s a popular item, but one that probably isn’t as good at fat loss as was originally hoped.  It’s probably best for both men and women to skip this supplement unless they have low thyroid levels.

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