Go-Getter - Mind And Muscle

Be a go-getter.

I’ve been told that I was a go getter multiple times by different people. But, what does it really mean? The definition is “an aggressively enterprising person”, synonyms such as achiever, high flyer, success story, high achiever, man/woman of action.

Hearing that people think of me that way makes me very, very proud. I pride myself in putting actions behind words and not just talking about something without following through. I set a goal and I give 100% in order to achieve it.

I listen to motivational speakers once in a while and what stuck with me is that, we don’t achieve a goal by following a certain path really. We achieve a goal by going through a routine every day. Habits are what makes and breaks us. The things you do every day shape you. Imagine this… you wake up every morning and go on a 30 minute run. Or, if you set a goal to run a half marathon and you run for 2 months every day for an hour. You run the marathon and you don’t run anymore. Who would be fitter? Exactly, the guy that gets up for a morning run every single day.

It’s like that for bodybuilding as well, I train 6 days a week, I do cardio every day. It’s a habit, it’s something I MAKE time for. The things that really matter to you, you will create a schedule that works with it. Even if it means getting up at 6 am 6 days a week, you make it work and you will benefit from it.

This doesn’t just count for fitness or sports but also education. If you study every day, you will gain long term knowledge whereas if you just procrastinate and study the day before an exam it will only be in your short term memory. The best example for that is learning a language, if you speak it every day, you will eventually be fluent!

Be a go getter and create habits that help you achieve your goals, every single day. Make your mind a weapon.img_3352

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