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Peptide Hormones: GH Fragments(AOD9604 & AOD9401)

AOD9604 and AOD9401 are fragments of the full length human growth hormone peptide. Each of these peptides consists of amino acids 177 through 191, but AOD9604 has an added tyrosine at the N-terminus. These peptides are actually orally active and it has been shown that a dose of 1 mg per day is optimal – higher doses actually had a reduced effect, especially in women. Neither of these peptides produces hyperglycemia or reduced insulin secretion, two liabilities with the use of full-length growth hormone. The most interesting part is that the AOD peptides do not compete with GH for the growth hormone receptor which means that they could be taken in combination with GH for added or synergistic effect. A very important thing to note is that the AOD peptides do not increase IGF-1 levels and have been shown to be non-proliferative which means that they do not cause muscle growth. These peptides increase lipolysis and decrease lipogenesis with little effect on appetite. Additionally, in clinical studies, there has been no rebound weight gain after discontinuation.

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