Females vs. Males - Training Adaptations - Mind And Muscle

The female and male body can be trained the same… Yes… we lift heavy… just like guys. But:

There is huge difference between genders if it comes to hormones, physiology, metabolism and body structure as well as the psychological effects.


  • Women are more insulin sensitive
  • Hormones in women fluctuate depending on their cycle
  • Women’s muscle mass is lower
  • Men tend to be leaner which leads for them to perform better
  • Women’s body fat is higher
  • Men have higher elevated fasting glucose
  • Glucose clearance rater is higher in women
  • Rate of glucose uptake is also higher in women
  • Women burn more fat than men at same intensity


1 — Calories:

Control and tailor your caloric intake according to your goals. It’s simple math…

  • Input > Output – Weight gain
  • Input < Output – Weight loss
  • Input = Output – Maintenance

2 — Protein:
Keep protein intake high throughout the day. At least 1 g per lb of bodyweight is recommended. When you’re on the go it may be hard to prep all your food… A simple whey protein shake can hold you over: Isomorph Protein by APS.


3 — Training:

Have a set plan. No, the “30 day Squat challenge” or “1 month weight loss plan” won’t cut it or yield long-term results but actual lifestyle changes and a creation of habits will.


4 — Sleep:

A lot of time this factor is neglected. Sleep is important in order to recover from training and to reestablish your body’s natural homeostasis. 8h are usually the level of recommendation and sticking to a routine, again, is beneficial.


5 — Consistency:

Last but not least. Starting is easy. Staying consistent is what will get you to your end goal. Don’t lose the vision out of sight and give yourself time and acknowledgement of your accomplishments.


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