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Anti-Estrogens: Estrogen Clearing Agents

These help detoxify estrogens in the body and clear estrogens more quickly.  Unfortunately, these seem to have anti-androgen activities and reduce the anabolic/androgenic environment in the body. They would be good if you had gynecomastia symptoms along with something androgenic. If not, I wouldn’t take them.

DiindolylmethaneThis phytochemical is a natural component of cabbage, brussel spouts and broccoli.  It converts estradiol to a less potent estrogen, which reduces the effect of it in the body.  This can be quite useful in treating breast cancer but the concern is that DIM is an anti-androgenic agent as well, which is not good for men.

Indole-3-carbinolthis is similar to DIM yet seems to be less potent at clearing estradiol from the body.  It shares many of the same good and bad points as DIM and shouldn’t be used by the bodybuilder unless there is an issue with gynocomastia.

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