guy pointing to absMethylepithiostanol is currently being sold as a gray market prosteroid. As a DHT derivative, this prosteroid is androgenic but has also been investigated as an antiestrogen. It is rumored to be very effective at reducing breast tissue growth. Methylepithiostanol cannot convert to estrogen but there are some reports of gynecomastia with this prosteroid however, these reports are largely unsubstantiated. This prosteroid is C-17 alpha alkylated and is thought to be more liver toxic than other methylated steroids though there is no hard evidence for this to be true. The anabolic to androgenic ratio for this prosteroid is very high but this does not seem to translate to real world effects. Methylepithiostanol is said to have pretty severe effects on HDL, likely due to its antagonistic actions on estrogen. Doses range from 10 to 50 mg per day. Users generally do not report large mass gains with this prosteroid and describe it as a dry, lean product.

Other names include: Havoc, E-Stane

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