Are you man enough?It’s a big concern for all men who are thinking of using steroids or andro prohormones…

In countless locker rooms across America a conversation very similar to this has transpired: Joe Sixpack: “so will using steroids make my penis shrink?” John Sixpack: “I don’t think it’s the penis that shrinks it’s the balls, right?” Jim Sixpack: “I don’t know, they always make fun of the buff guy in movies saying he has no dick because he used steroids.” And so the questions linger and get bantered around over and over again. Many of you may be considering using steroids or legal anabolics like prohormones and have the same questions as the guys were asking above and so, we will address them here in this article.

Will steroids shrink my penis?

Steroids do not impact the male’s penis unless he is still on the growing stage of his development. Some say that the growth stage is basically over at 18 and other at 21. Either way, it’s a pretty safe bet that if you are over 21 you should be good to go. This is why the common advice out there is to not use anabolic steroids unless you are over 21. So the short answer is, if you are over 21 and not growing anabolic steroids will have no effects on your penis size.

Just for discussion sake, if you were under 18 and still growing depending on the type of steroids you used you could either potentially make your penis larger or smaller. This can never be recommended however. There is some good evidence however that using creatine is safe for all ages and could shift your body to a more DHT laden anabolic state that would make a good environment biologically for growing a bigger penis.

Will steroids make my testicles shrink?

The short answer is yes, that most anabolic/androgenic steroids will cause temporary, key word here is temporary, testicle shrinkage as long as they are used in a safe and effective way. Basically, when a person uses steroids they are introducing a hormone from outside their body, at levels higher than their body could ever produce, and so the body signals itself to slow down making its own hormones because there is already plenty to go around. This leads to smaller testicles while “on” cycle.

Once you go off the steroids or prohormones normal hormone production within the body recovers and testicle size goes back to normal. Post Cycle Therapy can speed this recovery process along.

There are no scientific ways to induce lasting penis growth at this time without surgery.

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Sorry to say but there is no magic pill or machine that can make your penis grow larger than it already is if you are over 21 and done growing. Perhaps it’s time to focus on using what you have with excellence rather than trying to make it bigger.

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