Carbohydrates: Dextrose - Mind And Muscle

muscled guy with water bottleDextrose is a simple sugar that is rapidly metabolized and causes an insulin spike when consumed. It is the standard for the glycemic index, being a 100 which is the standard by which other carbohydrates are compared.  Dextrose will cause an insulin spike and theoretically shuttle more nutrients into the muscle cell along with it.  This is certainly proven to work with things that won’t lower it’s absorption like creatine (which was one of the first uses for dextrose in bodybuilding) however many people add dextrose to things like protein, which will do nothing more than adding simple table sugar or honey to your protein shake.  Still, dextrose and hydrolyzed amino acids are well studied in post exercise nutrition and provide a benefit to the bodybuilder who wishes to have the best possible recovery without caring about calories. Dextrose, is commonly referred to as glucose, d-glucose, or blood sugar.  It occurs naturally in plant based foods and tastes fairly sweet compared to table sugar.

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