Dennis Wolf bringing his best package yet to teh 2014 Olympia stage!

Dennis Wolf bringing his best package yet to the 2014 Olympia stage!

Dennis Wolf has led an interesting life and has an even more interesting bodybuilding career. Born in Russia to German parents, his early childhood was spent in Siberia complete with standing in line to receive bread and milk. On occasion not receiving it despite standing in line for hours in the cold. In 1992 Dennis moved with his family to the part of germany his ancestors came from. Here he became involved with martial arts then bodybuilding.


Dennis wolf over the course of his 15 years of competing.

Dennis wolf over the course of his 15 years of competing.

From 1999 until 2005 Dennis competed as an amateur and the majority of his competitions he won. In 2005 Dennis won the Overall at IFBB World Championship and thus received his IFBB pro card.

In 2006 The Big Bad began his pro career in style, competing in the Olympia his very first year! The very next year he won his first pro show, the Keystone classic. He proceded to compete in the Olympia every year there after collecting numerous victories along the way, Including the australian pro in 2011 and the Prague Pro in 2012. But the real victory came this year at the Arnold classic. The second most prestigious victory in the sport of bodybuilding is a goal for every bodybuilder, but to have it occur on the heels of a 3rd place victory at the Olympia the previous year indicates some significant momentum.

For a guy who had a weak back....Wow

For a guy who had a weak back….Wow

Legendary bodybuilder Dennis James is likely in part responsible. After the 2013 New York Pro when Big Ramy stepped on stage people realized James had been growing an army, with Dennis Wolf as his greatest weapon. When Dennis Wolf stepped on stage that same year we saw some serious changes. Wolf’s conditioning was the best it had been and he didn’t disappoint at this years Arnold either. With 6 months to improve if James can help bring Wolf’s calves up and give his perfect X-frame the last piece of the perfection puzzle we could see Wolf moving up another spot or possibly 2 this Saturday night!

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