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guy mixing a shakeChrysin was the first natural anti-aromatase or AI (aromatase inhibitor) on the market.  Unfortunately, this ingredient never really panned out to much of anything.  It doesn’t seem to work in the body at all, which is odd since it works really well in the test tube.  In the test tube, chrysin inhibited aromatase very well. However, it seems that once taken orally, or even injected, it is ineffective at doing anything.  So, companies that are still using chrysin as their aromatase inhibitor are really wasting money and making ineffective supplements.  I have some thoughts on why chrysin isn’t effective, but I won’t share those in case I ever want to release an effective chrysin supplement that works. Chrysin does show a strong aromatase blocking in test tubes, but getting it into the bloodstream in tact is the biggest problem with it most likely.

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