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Someone once described listening to the band Cryptopsy as “sticking your head in a clothes dryer full of rocks” That’s what trying to understand stacking peptide hormones can feel like: painful and confusing to say the least. It can be understood however. If you have a PhD in endocrinological physiology I might sound like the village idiot with my simplifications and analogies but for everyone else this is still going to be pretty complex.

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At, we always play on the side of caution. In an industry where people make money at the expense of the customer’s health and well-being, we think it is only humane to be the exception. That being said, we are a little skeptical about all the research peptide companies popping up. I’m sure many of them are legitimate, but I’ve been in the industry long enough to know that many of them are not.

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“The ideal would be an oral drug similar to bromocriptine but with more specific D1 activity. The only candidate I’ve found is a drug called pergolide.” – Lyle McDonald, Bromocriptine Those who know me fairly well (girlfriend, the guy who works the desk at the gym, the ‘DA,’ etc.) know I’m not a big believer […]

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