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Sometimes as a coach I’m blessed with being able to watch a person grow into a young adult before my very eyes. I couldn’t be any prouder then to have had the privilege to watch Carmen mature mentally, emotionally and physically over the years. She has shown true passion, drive and determination in every aspect of her life. Recently I was fortunate enough to have her become a Team Juggernaut coach. Over the past 5 years she has learned every aspect of Juggernaut workout & diet protocols and has been applying it to clients/team members over the past year with great success. She is also a top national level competitor and was within striking distance of her Pro card in 2015 but, life had other ideas and blessed her with a wonderful son (Carter) in 2016. She has slowly been bring herself back to par while going to school, working and raising her son. If you are looking for an attentive, detail oriented, motivational coach then she is easily your choice.

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Contact information:

Office – (586) 221-1622

Email – [email protected]

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