Cardio vs. Weights - Mind And Muscle

In order to change your body, you have two choices: Cardio or weights. But, what’s more effective?

In a 45 minute session, cardio will burn about 450 calories. Weightlifting will burn about 220 calories.

So, cardio burns more. But, let’s take a look at the science. There’s a principle called EPOC – Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption. This is the energy (calories) burned after your workout session.

After cardio, you will burn an additional 30 calories over the course of 12 hours, accumulating 480 calories. After lifting weights, you will burn an additional 375 calories, making it 595 calories within a 48-hour window.

You do the math: Cardio = 480. Weights = 595.

Another thing to consider is that cardio burns fat and muscle, whereas lifting burns fat and BUILDS muscle.

Other benefits of weight lifting:

  • Metabolic function increases
  • Stronger muscles
  • Athletic build


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