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Stimulants: Caffeine

There is nothing in sports supplements that compares to adding caffeine to EVERYTHING.  It is cheap and gives you a boost, which is why most companies add it to just about everything.  Caffeine will get you going for sure, but it is not necessary to take massive amounts of caffeine from multiple sources. Everything from creatine to anabolics contain caffeine now, so it is pretty easy to get over 1200mg of caffeine per day for the average bodybuilder.  Caffeine does have fat burning effects if you keep it in moderation and it is well proven and well tolerated.  It is not bad to have some caffeine with your fat loss products, but it is best to get that from coffee since it can also help increase insulin sensitivity to counter act the caffeine effect. Caffeine overload and negative symptoms like insulin resistance can happen if too much is consumed. No matter what though, caffeine is a tried and true stimulant that certainly does increase fat loss.

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