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Stimulants: BPEA Overview

Phenyl Ethylamine is the stuff in chocolate that supposedly makes you feel good. It is a mood-enhancing product and doesn’t seem to have much effect in the way of fat burning.  That being said, feeling good and positive in the gym can be a really good thing!  Unfortunately, this compound is rapidly metabolized by the body and excreted, so it is pretty tough to get an effective dose.  It is often combined with MAO inhibitors.  MAO is an enzyme that breaks down things like this and has a direct effect on dopamine.  Some of the things PEA is stacked with include the herbs: Cat’s Claw, Hordinine, Quercetin, Piperine and a few others.  These don’t seem to work very well so some people have tried to modify the PEA molecule.  I have taken a few of these modified products and I have yet to notice anything significant from them over standard PEA.  Stacked bPEA makes a good inclusion to a stimulant or diet pill but it isn’t much of a thermogenic, more it helps reduce appetite. Many people report great euphoric effects from PEA and will take up to 1000mg of it in the course of a treatment.  Obviously this isn’t the best idea, but it could be fun for the right person who has the brain chemistry to enjoy PEA.

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