Alexander Cate

Alexander Cate is an up and coming Men’s Physique competitor from Detroit, Michigan. He is a member of Team Jax, IFBB Pro Ken Jackson’s Team. He works with John Orlando, a Men’s Physique Competitor and Trainer at Ken Jackson’s Fitness Factory. He is making quick progress into the tougher shows in Michigan. He is currently a student at Oakland University and a personal trainer. This young man has a bright future and we at Mind and Muscle are proud to have him as a follower and a customer of our products.


AGE: 19
DIVISION: Men’s Physique
WHAT GOT YOU STARTED: Midway through high school, my family fell apart and I was forced to grow up fast. We moved across the country to a start a new life. I had to give up sports and my life as I knew it. With little left, I turned to the gym. The gym taught me strength, humility, and a sense of being. I had never found more joy in anything in this world until I realized that through health, fitness, and competing, I could raise the bar EVERY day to be a better me for EVERY tomorrow. I found hope in motivating and inspiring others and fitness became my life right then and there.
CONTEST HISTORY: I did my first show at 18 years old at the 2015 Michigan State Championships. 3 weeks after my 19th birthday, I placed in both Men’s Open and Men’s Novice divisions at the 2015 Central States, where I received my national qualification. This truly proved to me that age is just a number and does not define the ability to achieve goals.
TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: There is not a single thing on this earth that is not obtainable through hard work. Dreams come true to those who never give up. Aspire to live a full life, to do more than just exist. You should strive to be a better you every day and be more than human.
FUTURE PLANS: I want to take the title of Teen Physique USA at the Team U in Pittsburgh in July 2016. The go after the Arnold Classic amateur physique title in 2017. After that, I want and keep climbing the ranks until I earn the right to be on the  Mr. Olympia stage one day.


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