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Anti-Estrogens: 6-Bromo-Androstenedione

This is similar to many other steroidal anti-aromatase agents, and is on the market except it does have some unique features.  It should be very good, but is in no way DSHEA compliant or naturally occurring.  It will reduce estrogen but could have secondary shut down via an androgenic pathway as 6-Bromo-Testosterone. Still, probably a decent AI with potent effects.  There is a mix of 6a and 6b bromo groups on the market and some that have both.  No one seems to understand which isomer is better. Until then, I would probably stick with something tried and true. It has one very interesting feature that the 6alpha and 6-beta forms are suicide and competitive inhibitors respectively. This makes it very comprehensive as an aromatase inhibitor.

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