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Best Prohormones 2017

Another year has passed and the prohormone market is as strong as ever here in the US, with reasonably safe ...
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Our Top Picks For A Preworkout

We are all about being real with you here at Mind and Muscle and in the realm of preworkout products ...
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Best Stimulant For Fat Loss 2016

Losing fat is a major goal for every person who likes to look good and remain fit.  If you can't ...
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3 Unique Exercises For Big Biceps

Everyone wants those killer biceps that everyone stares at when you walk around.  Nothing feels better than feeling the stretch of your shirt as you slide it over your jack hammers.  Unfortunately, the bicep seems ...
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Ketogenic Diet

What is “keto”? Ketosis is a state our body enters when we don’t eat carbohydrates or eat very few carbohydrates. It’s a way for our body to use fats (from our diet but also stored ...
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heart rate

Cardio & Heart Rate

Aerobic exercise is a large component of cardiovascular fitness: individuals who engage in aerobic exercise may be doing it for the sole purpose of weight loss, or they may have other motivations, such as increasing ...
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delayed onset muscle soreness

DOMS : Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

  DOMS : Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness | Too often I hear fitness enthusiasts talk about the soreness they experience after a workout and that they should’ve stretched to prevent it.  While stretching is ...
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new year new me

New Year, New Me!

New Year, New Me by Carmen Grange So, it’s nearing the end of the first week in January and you’re already beginning to struggle with your New Year’s weight loss resolution, or maybe you’ve ...
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